Music test
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import random
for x in range(10):
  print random.randint(1,101)

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  Customized Heat Pipe Heat Sink
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1.Product Introduction
The heat sink has a thermal conductor that carries the heat generated by an electronic or a mechanical device into fins that provide a large surface area for the heat to dissipate throughout the rest of the device. A heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that combines the principles of both thermal conductivity and phase transition to effectively transfer heat between two solid interfaces. Copper pipe heat sink is a type of new generation heat sinks. Usually, copper pipe add to a aluminum stacked fin or extrsuion heat sink to improve the heat transfer function.
Schematic of heat pipe functionCopper pipe
2.Product Details
At the hot interface of a heat pipe a liquid in contact with a thermally conductive solid surface turns into a vapor by absorbing heat from that surface. The vapor then travels along the heat pipe to the cold interface and condenses back into a liquid – releasing the latent heat. The liquid then returns to the hot interface through either capillary action, centrifugal force, or gravity, and the cycle repeats. Due to the very high heat transfer coefficients for boiling and condensation, copper heat pipes are highly effective thermal conductors.

China copper pipe heat sink supplier
Item nameChina copper pipe heat sink supplier
MaterialCopper / aluminum
Surface finishAntioxidant
L/T20-25 days for tooling and 7-10 days for sample
Size150*70*50 mm
PackingSafety packing

4.Part Features
4-1. Supreme heat transfer
4-2. Long life
4-3. Two copper pipe
4-4. 35 aluminum fins

5.Business Advantage
1. Reliable and flexible to meet all your production and scheduling requirements
2. Our factory is certified to ISO9001
3. Execute 100% full inspections on critical dimensions before delivery
4. Specialist in thermal solution products

Can you sign our NDA before we provide sensitive project information?
Yes, We can sign NDA if you need. We always protect our customers information..
How can I visit your factory?
Our factory near Hong Kong ,Shenzhen airport  on Dongguan city, Fenggang town. Welcome to visit us, it is very convenient from Hong Kong to Dongguan.
How to get a quotation?
Please send us drawings in IGS, DWG, STEP file and also other info such as material, surface finish, quantity. Sample will be okay if no drawing.
Do you have quality certificate?
Yes, ISO 9001:2015 certified .Customized Heat Pipe Heat Sink

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  China DV Battery For Sony suppliers
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Shenyang Powerange Co., Ltd has been the leading professional Broadcast equipment manufacturer in China. Chinese name of POWERANGE has been established since 1997, which is the most famous brand among Chinese Li-ion Battery bra.
In 1998, we successfully launched the first Li-ion battery of broadcast quality in China. We have been focusing on Li-ion battery research, development and manufacture for over 15 years. The domestic market share for Powerange in China is about 60%. For recent years, we have expanded our production range with LED lights, which includes camera mounted lights to professional studio lights, to cater the increasing demands of domestic and international customers.
After over 18 years market exploring and maintenance, we have gained customers all over China: CCTV, BTV, Xinhua News Agency, Phoenix Star TV,BBC Beijing Office and more than one hundred provincial / municipal level TV stations, colleges and universities, military, and famous domestic cine equipment rental house.
We have coordinated with Panasonic China over 10 years. Panasonic China equips their cameras with our batteries at shows, promotions and other events in China since 2003. Begun from 2012, we have developed a partnership with Panasonic India. In 2014, move further with Panasonic Singapore.
Powerange products are featured for its excellent and stable quality. These are Light in weight and produce excellent performance. On this basis we gained partners in Asian Countries (Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Philippine, etc.), European countries (Germany, Spain and Italy.) as well as in US and Canada.
Adhering to the concepts of innovation, integrity and cooperation, Powerange has been striving for excellence. To serve customers and contribute society with top quality products has always been our missions.
Exhibition we attended:
NAB 2017
Powerange in Panasonic Business Dubai
Powerange In Shanghai International film&TV Festival
The 29th(FuZhou) Annual Meeting of TTACC2
Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles
Powerange in KOBA 2016
Cine Gear Expo Los AngelesChina DV Battery For Sony suppliers

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  Passport of Bulgaria
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The “strongest” world passports are the subject of annual monitoring, which is conducted a number of expert bureaus and groups, based on various determining criteria.
passport of bulgaria

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Lightbulb hello
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[Image: CharmingScaryAuklet-mobile.jpg] Heart

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[Image: 8acd56d0c161c9078b9855f7c574ba3e.png]

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  who likes roblox
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yes yes i like roblox alot lets play some games hmu

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Information Arguments and Parameters - roblox lua
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Arguments and Parameters

A parameter is properly known as the variable(s) in the definition of a function. An argument is properly known as the values that appear in a function getting called. Let’s examine this piece of code:

Light Theme local function printStuff(x) --this is a function, and it has one parameter, x.

printStuff("Hello world.") --"Hello world." is the argument

In the example, x is a parameter of the function, printStuff. Parameters are always declared in this format, inside the parenthesis of the function declaration.
In this function, there is a single statement,


. This statement prints whatever value x holds to the output. Even though x is not defined and is nil, the compiler will not throw an error because the function has not been called yet.

Defining a function with parameters

This is the basic syntax for defining a function:

function name(argument1, arg2, arg3, ...)

--arguments are only inserted when needed
When defining a function, you can use parameters. Parameters can be useful because functions can perform tasks for more than just one value. For example:

Light Theme local function addNumbers(x, y)
return (x + y) --you might want to learn about the return statement

The previous code has two parameters, so when calling the function, we can insert ANY two values to the parameters x and y and return their sum, because of the

return (x + y)

statement. Currently, x and y have no values, but when we call the function, you will give the the parameters x and y values. Take note that because functions are stored in your computer’s memory when declared, they will not call errors (unless there is a syntax error at the start) until called. If this weren’t the case, it would error just like having a script like this:

print(x + y)


attempt to perform arithmetic on global x (a nil value)

Parameters are very helpful for making a function that can perform multiple tasks.

Keep in mind that all parameters are local to the function’s and its descending scopes.

Calling a function with arguments

Calling a function with arguments is very simple, and is similar to calling a function with no arguments. This is the basic sytanx for calling a function with arguments:

functionName(value1, value2, value3, ...)

--calling any number of arguments
Keep in mind that in the above syntax, the first parameter you created in the function declaration becomes equal to value1, the second parameter equal to value2, and so on.

Let’s use the previous example for this demonstration.
Light Theme local function addNumbers(x, y)
return (x + y)

local sum = addNumbers(2, 5) --notice how I call the function (keep in mind that when returning a value, the function holds the returned value
print(sum) -- 7


When calling a function with arguments, you can use any number of arguments you want. By calling too many arguments, the code will ignore the excess arguments. By calling too little arguments, the parameters not represented will be returned as nil.

Variadic arguments
You may have realized that global functions, such as 


, can take an indefinite number of arguments. It will print all of its arguments to the output (with a tab space in between each printed value), no matter how many you have. For example:

Light Theme print("LOL", "OMG", "C++ IS PRETTY NEAT IF YOU ASK ME", 1241425717231) --4 arguments
print(1, 122, "Hi!", "Roblox", "Give it your best shot!", "C++", "Interesting") --7 arguments

Check the output, and yet again, you will see all arguments printed to the output. In your custom functions, you can have an arbitrary number of arguments in them as well! The set of characters “…” represents variadic arguments. Examine the following code:
  1. Light Theme local table1 = {} local function appendToTable(tab, ...)local args = {...} --you might want to understand tables for this examplefor i, v in pairs(args) dotable.insert(tab, v)endend appendToTable(table1, "xD", "Big Grin", "lol")
Functions with arguments can be very powerful, as they can be declared at the beginning of your script, and used in various ways throughout your code. Storing code that is used very often as functions can make scripting a lot easier.

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  How Solo Entrepreneurs Can Form Power Teams for Business and Personal Support
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Solo marketers are used to dealing with the enterprise day on my own, but growing a strength crew for business and personal guide makes the entrepreneurial life-style a lot greater tolerable. List the characteristics of humans in your network and plug every one into a niche based on their talents.


Power teams are regularly used in commercial enterprise networking agencies to consult others in a associated field who can help a small enterprise proprietor or solo entrepreneur market a services or productsin rwanda email lists. Financial planners might also percentage a power group with real property sellers and loan brokers due to the fact all three serve a similar patron.

But in-depth Power Teams are people who can help at all tiers of a commercial enterprise operation. This is also developing an "entrepreneurial eco-system" that can sustain you and your commercial enterprise. This is word is borrowed from Daniel Isenberg who wrote in the June 2010 edition of Harvard Business Review about entrepreneurial successes in Rwanda titled "The Big Idea, How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution."

[Image: Rwanda-Email-Lists.jpg]

Strategic Partners

Members of a Power Team are there that will help you assume strategically. Your bookkeeper or CPA might also help on a everyday foundation to enter fees, income, and put together quarterly taxes. However, they must use the information that will help you make commercial enterprise choices like whether or not or now not to hold a patron or drop one who's behind on payments.

Power Team members can help you see the bigger photo and enterprise surroundings and point you to possibilities or provide you with a warning of capacity dangers.

Partner Qualifications

You would possibly realize many opinionated humans. However, the qualifications for a person to be in your Power Team for the motive of advising you in enterprise operations must include the following:

Proven fulfillment in a specific location (turning round suffering businesses, skilled in handling finances, or knowledgeable in a field like advertising)

Good listening capabilities (a person who can draw close your wishes and takes time to concentrate earlier than giving recommendation)

Well-related (knowing proficient individuals who can make contributions positively for your business in case you name upon them)

Empathetic (they are able to grimace with you when times are hard and inspire you for the following day)

Sample Network

In forming a Power Team, you because the solo entrepreneur can ask someone in the event that they would really like to be a trusted advisor for your operations. You can point out that perhaps they might do so all through the following six months and be inclined to take an occasional phone call or lunch assembly to talk about essential topics.

You can conform to restrict involvement to no extra than 4 face-to-face conferences and six phone calls or emails. Don't assume the relationship to go indefinitely.

Choose the ones from business disciplines that can consist of the following: 

Accounting or finance
Customer Relations
You might have a CPA, a web fashion designer, an government of a small agency, and someone professional in customer service for your team. Or substitute with a place wherein you understand you want to enhance like a professional salesperson.

List your desires with every one and then review your desires.

Gather the crew collectively as soon as in a six-month duration to thank them. It can be over espresso, dessert, or plan to have a a laugh cookout.
After six months, some can also want to live and stay in touch even as others can be busy and wish to have their relationships someplace else.

Your Power Team individuals should now not generally be near friends or family. Perhaps they don't know you properly and that can serve for your benefit due to the fact they may have an goal observe you and your enterprise.
Forming a Power Team is a manner for a solo entrepreneur to increase and show off management competencies, too, further to building and forming a supportive community.

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Thumbs Up Author: XeNonDumps New Updates (track1 track2 fullz SELL FRESH Dumps (ORIGINAL TRACK
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Author: XeNonDumps New Updates (track1 track2 fullz  SELL FRESH Dumps (ORIGINAL TRACK1/2), Fullz/ Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Disco , dump)

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