Roblox Building Tutorial Part 1: Tools/ Beginner


Easy and simple let's get started on the basics so first you will need to have these things down below:

- Roblox
- Roblox studio


If you do not know how to download roblox studio just click on go to Create/Develop > Create Place/Games> Click on a base plate or anything you want roblox made:

- Baseplate
- Flat Terrain 
- Village
- Castle
- Suburban 
- Racing
- Pirate Island
- Western
- City
- Obby
- Starting Place
- Infinite Runner
- Capture the flag
- Team/FFA Area
- Combat
- Roblox Creator Challenge (Story Place)
- Roblox Challenge (Volcanic Island)



Now once you have selected one of the places go to Basic Settings> Where you can select your place name and can pick the genre of your game > Access> You can Select a device that people can place on like: 

- Computer
- Phone
- Tablet/ Ipad
- Console/ Like Xbox One you can get roblox and people can play your game on it!

Once you had selected one of those then you can go to Players Maximum You can select a amount of players people can play in your game > Access when you click it you will have to option to either make it to where other people can join then or let only your friends join but as you can see it is disable because of VIP Servers to you will have to choice to disable to disable it go under "Access:" and you will see "VIP Servers:" by clicking on the ✅ Then you can now have the permission to access your options to make it to where either everyone can join your server or your friends!

After that go to "Advance Options" With this you can pick a genre again and you can give people permission to copy your game.

Congratulations! You have just completed setting up your game!


Now after you completed that we can now start on setting up your developing tools! First once you in studio everything will be looking complicated because you have alot of tools in the game and it all looks weird. Do not get scared it is as easy as you think it is on the top of the screen you will see something like:


Go to " View" That is where the magic happens where you can click on "Tools" People make free models for you to enjoy instead of making them yourself making things are advance that will be on the next thread but for now we are going over the tools.

Once you click on tools you will see on the left or right side of your screen of magical images of cool things! Just click any of the tools to have it insert into your map. then 


next after you place with the tools go to " Properties" In "VIEW" Once you click it will be on the left or right side of your screen

if it do not pop up go down of your screen and it could be merged in with your tools! 

Now once you find it properties will help you with scripting and building and coding it basically helps you with everything you do on roblox to change things! That is what so awesome about properties now i will give you a example of what you can do with "properties".

Go to "Models" And go over some into you see something called "PART" Click on it and a grey brick will appear on your screen once it is inserted right click it and go to "Insert Object" there will be alot of things for you to choose from we will get to that sometimes in  another thread but for this one insert "PointLight" once you  inserted it now go to "Properties" And then on properties you will see a list of things but for now click "Brightness" And once you click on it and if you go up or down you will see light like if you have a iphone and if you swipe up there your you can control your brightness when you touch the sun. It is the same as brightness you can swipe left or right to control your brightness.

And there you go this is what i am going to be doing for right now hope you enjoy it and give then thread a rate please! Next thread will be sometimes next week

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