How to fix "Error Occurred" (Roblox Tutorial) 2018!


Alright, So welcome back to another tutorial today i am going to be teaching/showing you guys how to stop this roblox error for everytime you try to join a game or try to get on "Roblox Studios" It will not pop up no errors. So first out let's start off with your Security Program you have on your computer. For these you will need:

- Security Program/ Fire Wall
- "Roblox"
- "Roblox Studio"



So first you will need to go to your Anti Software like i have "McAfee AntiVirus" And it is like 19$ for it to protect you for a year from viruses, Bugs, And people who is trying to use my webcam to watch me do every step but that is not important. So now once you are on your Anti Software go to firewall and turn it off if you have the option to turn it off into you restart your computer again that way once you shutdown and restart your computer then you will be protected without you knowing but once you get a error again it will remind you to go and turn off your firewall again but or you can just turn it off into you turn it back on or you can just turn off firewall for like 1 minute, 2 Minutes. Alright so once you turn it off just click on roblox and there you go it should work if it do not or if you are mad because you do not have a Anti Software just hold on look below!



Don't freak it is alright if you have a windows 10 or basically any PC just go to your search bar and type in "Firewall" And just turn it off it is very simple if you having any trouble just let me know by replying back or PM me and i will give you some more steps!


Guys if this did not help you 1 bit i am sorry but there is a website on Windows Report page (It is Secured) on how to stop it  ( You can trust me it is not a fake website i promise.) Link:


Thanks for looking at this thread make sure to check out my other one about a tutorial for "Roblox Developer Trainees" 

Link: PEACE! And don't forget to say hi to your mom for me!  Wink

- JeramiahGamingYT

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