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Scam Joke | lol. please use for good kids


Cool Here you guys go and download of best scamming game out there fully customizable, Its by ROBLOX WEBHOOK TO DISCORD. Let me help you well NERD TALK: so once downloaded this go to ServerScripts click HttpSender go to line 2 URL and add your own Webhook. example: https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks/5599...oGGyu5Xlpv but in order for it to work remove this part of the webhook link `https://discordapp.com/api` and change it to `https://discord.osyr.is/api` and then once got that in its spot paste it into URL in the script. Then go publish your place max players 1 Soooo and put its chat settings to BUBBLE only and put some good thumbnails and spam groups with it so you roll in the money ching ching. Webhook gos to discord once publish the game download copy and keep re uploading game as I said above over on different accounts in case gets banned. Developed by me
What more releases like this or others feel free message me on discord what to release. oh forgot, um make the Error Failed to verify thing invisible please or people gonna leave.

Arrow Download: **Temporary Removed within a bug. **

Arrow  Virus Total: [b]**Temporary Removed  due to Download Bug VT will need fixed**[/b]

RoScam V0.0.1 - please don't use this wrong way lol. use this as joke only with your friend -

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