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my opinion on Highschool DxD


hello fellow anime lovers. i will give my opinion on the anime Highschool DxD, a harem anime. as I have not yet finished the second season, which brings even more girls into the mix, this opinion will be based on the first season only. so in the first season the MC is some kind of angel thing and he finds this demon girl Rias Gremory and her assistant or something. they get along after Rias realises she cant beat the angel dude. Rias eventually invites him to his group of heroes thingy and all of the girls there (3 in total) fall for him and they all wanna get in bed with him. however he only gives his love to Rias which i find an act of courage because there is a chance the other girls would start hating him because he chose Rias. of course the other girls dont hate him and still want to get in bed with him so the harem stays and i think thats really good. i wont be telling more of the story but the first season has a lot of nice lewd scenes. i recommend you watch if you like harem, ecchi anime.

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