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Hey, everyone, this is me Anna from the USA. I am a new member of this board and would like to say that Traveling is my passion. I am curious to enjoy the nature, tradition, culture and festivals of different places. This is a way of pleasure for me and would like to know something about your self now. Hope you will love to share here.

Hello, Anna! Glad to see you here as a newcomer here because, like you, I am also a new member of this community. It is my first post here. Anyhow, you like a nice thing for enjoying the having fun. I am also a traveling freak and love to enjoy it. Still yet which kind of travel places you have explored in your traveling life?

Hello, Anna, It is good to see that you are from my hometown as a newbie here. Its is Aniyah from Miami, Welcome to you here. Let me say that I am also addicted of traveling. It is always amazing for me to explore charming places in the world and have a wonderful time.

Aniyah! Wow, that's really nice you like traveling and love to spend your time on it. I am also a traveling freak and happy after meeting with you there. Let's share here those places, which you like for traveling. I will wait for your fast reply.

Randall, I am glad to know that traveling is a mutual hobby between us. WE can talk about it. Well, I love the natural places most because natural beauty always attract me towards it. Being a traveler, I have tried many splendid places in the world and still have a huge list of places to try in my future to get the everlasting memories. Maldives is my most favorite destination in the world to go ahead.
Planning to have fun with day trips from seattle.

Good to know that you like nature places to explore and these are those places that every person loves to visit because of natural beauty appeal all the person. By the way, you said that you have also explored splendid places around the world. So share those places list here I want to know it.

Nice stay tured
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Thanks! sure.

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