Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

Create Password Stealer using VB Visual
1) A account (their stmp is open and available for 3rd party apps)
2) Basic knowledge in vb.
3) Visual Studio 2008 or more (there is a free version however I will be using the ultimate version of 2013)
4) Nirsoft password recovery bins
5) A victim.

We are going to create an exe file when opened it extracts 4 application which recover saved password on famous web browsers (chrome, Firefox ..Etc.) then launches them in command line mode , they will export the saved password into a text file which will be read by our app then sent to us by email.
We are using because it is a very easy programming language and it is common in malicious software.
Step by Step How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual
1)    Open visual studio and create a new project like this

[Image: pwd-stealer1.jpg]
2)    You will get something like this , it is called the designer here you choose how your app looks like, but for our app we want it to be silent and not visible.
[Image: pwd-stealer2.jpg]
3)    Right click on this form and click “View Code <>”
You will get something like this, this is where we put out code.
[Image: pwd-stealer3.jpg]
This is called an event handler, whatever code you put between this and “End Sub” will be executed when the program first opens (before it appears).

4)    Now we need to add the nirsoft password recovery programs to our resources so on your right you need to click on the solution explorer
[Image: pwd-stealer4.jpg]
Then you need to click on My Project, this should appear
[Image: pwd-stealer5.jpg]
Click on resources -> add resource -> add existing file..
A dialog will appear choose the 4 files you downloaded (1.exe , 2.exe , 3.exe  ,3.exe)
5)    Now go back to the coding section and write this code (explained in the green text)

[Image: pwd-stealer6.jpg]
6)    Now we need to click Ctrl – Shift – B  to build our exe (it should show where it saved the exe like in the picture)
[Image: pwd-stealer7.jpg]
That is it you have created your own saved password stealer, on launch it will send you the password like this
[Image: pwd-stealer9.jpg]

You should not open any random exe files unless you are sure it is safe , a tip would be scanning it on virus total or similar sites , what I personally do is open said programs in Sandboxi
Notes: if you are having problems building the project turn off your anti-virus.

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