Updated Games

[*]The inventory icon for uncharged hammer-trons has been fixed to show the correct icon

[*]The hidey-hole on the crossroads of Draynor has been returned to its rightful place.

[*]Hotfixed last week - The trapdoor to the thieves guild was accidentally removed, and has now been replaced.

[*]Respositioned the model view to better represent augmented Torva legs in the inventory icon.

[*]The falling urn inside the warped chamber will no longer appear translucent.

[*]A graphical issue with the Steel Kiteshield has been fixed.

[*]Adjusted the colours on the adamant gauntlets model to match those on the adamant platebody.

[*]Virtus robe legs will no longer try to attach themselves to an Imperium core when in a combat stance.

[*]Flaming sword effect will no longer appear when player equips a 'mount'.

[*]Volatile and Blightbound lashers will no longer turn transparent during their attack animation.

[*]Tweaked ectophial model to make it brighter.

[*]Fixed the constitution skillcape's inventory icons.

[*]A graphical issue with the female torso when wearing the Samba outfit has been fixed.

[*]The Replica Infinity robe top no longer stretches when used with the sad walk animation.

[*]The Holy symbol no longer clips when worn by a female character.

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Skills, D&D and Minigames

[*]Tainted shard charges are only awarded from the Twitch loot crate when the contents are given to the player.

[*]You will now be prompted when attacking Soulless armoured zombies summoned by the Soulless necromancer in the 'Til Death Do Us Part hallowe'en event that Death's soul rift is better suited to dealing with them.

[*]Slayer xp is now gained from all of the Soulless unarmoured Zombies around the rift in draynor.

[*]You are now prompted if interacting with an un-toggled tainted shard in your inventory whether you would like to focus spending your charges on stabilising rifts faster or gaining more XP whilst stabilising rifts.

[*]Removing rooms in the POH now correctly updates the room count in the House Settings interface.

[*]Variety mush can now be added to player owned farm food troughs through Make-X

[*]The examine on the Chaotic Cloud in RuneSpan will now state the correct level requirement needed to siphon from them.

[*]The tokens option interface in the Warriors guild now correctly states the correct method of obtaining attack and defence tokens.

[*]You can no longer place hunting traps in your animal pens at the player owned farm - you cruel, cruel, monsters.

[*]You can no longer plant mithril seeds in your animal pens.

[*]You can no longer drop objects in your animal pens.

[*]Fixed a typo on a chat message when Monkey Trinkets give an XP lamp

[*]Fixed a typo in Hunter skillpet's examine.

[*]Reduced damage taken in Elite Dungeon story modes further, down to 10% of normal mode.

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Quests, Challenges and Achievements

[*]Prevented sanity checks from the hallowe'en event catching players out when re-entering the climax of Nomad's Elegy.

[*]Fixed a typo in the quest journal for "Let Them Eat Pie"

[*]Completing certain achievements will no longer trigger the irrelevant meta-achievement messages.

[*]A bug that prevented the quest Priest in Peril from being completed if you did not have space to accept your rewards has been fixed.
[*]Hiding your username on login will now make it stay hidden when typing.

[*]Death will no longer order you to enter the rift when you can't.

[*]Hotfixed last week - The Sign of Life now activates correctly on death.

[*]Augmented polypore staff can once again be used to cast polypore strike.

[*]You can once again drag items from your worn gear to an action bar.

[*]When using radial targeting in conjunction with ability queuing, abilities wouldn't activate when combat is initiated - putting the ability on cooldown without firing. This how now been fixed.

[*]The wording for the teleport option to the Digsite's Exam centre on the Digsite pendant has been corrected to be more consistent with other instances of the wordage around the game.

[*]Certed items are now correctly referred to as noted items in the tokens option interface in the Warriors guild

[*]Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when trying to withdraw two of the same outfit in quick succession from Diango.

[*]An issue causing unaugmented Shadow dyed Malevolent Greaves to not be recognised on the invention bench has been fixed.

[*]Uncut Onyx drops from Solak are now noted.

[*]Added Solak killcount to Perdita's and blightbound lasher's examine text when overriding familiars.

[*]Removed a full stop from the imbued bark shard object's name.

[*]Capitalised the 'g' in 'grove', from the Solak item log title.

[*]Dazzling two, three and four leaf clover necklaces no longer remove two charges upon activation.

[*]Added a ton of new foods (88) to the player owned farm food trough options.

[*]Hovering over a clan member in Clan Settings will now display the date they joined your clan. (Note: This only tracks back to the release of Clan Chat channel update - 12th of April 2011).

[*]Hazelmere signet ring will now give a chance to double rare loot from Solak.

[*]You now have an option to press "do not ask me again" when the are you "sure you want to log out" box appears

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Ninja Fixes

[*]Players can now choose to not be asked again in the confirmation dialogue for jumping down into the Nex fight. This can be reset by talking to Ashuelot Reis.

[*]Additionally there are right-click ops to skip the initial dialogue asking whether they want to enter the encounter or use custom encounter options.

[*]Added a magic shop icon for Wizard Jalarast.

[*]Spring cleaner springs now have an "Add all" op that adds all of the springs for the chosen operation (charge or upgrade). Similar ops have been added to the "Add springs" and "Quick upgrade" buttons on the spring cleaner interface.

[*]Players can now mute the Spring Cleaner's sentience speech.

[*]Added the four balloon animals from the old Prison Pete random event as follower pets. These can be unlocked at the Falador party room.

[*]Mousing over items in the GE search now displays their tooltips, showing information such as combat stat bonuses for weapons or healing amounts on consumables.

[*]The statue bag interface can now remain open during gameplay.

[*]Friends, world and global broadcast message colours can now be customised in the Chat Customisation settings, found within Gameplay > Social.

[*]Added a mushroom patch teleport to the Tirranwn quiver. Players must have completed the hard tier of Tirranwn tasks to use this option.

[*]Vials of water and coconut milk now have a Make option, calling a Make-X interface for unfinished potions.

[*]Seedicide now works when trapping Jadinkos at Herblore Habitat.

[*]Converted Sparkles, Mackers and the Corgi from object to interface pets.

[*]The interface for retuning the portals in the Max Guild's garden have been updated.

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[*]Unskippable chatboxes will no longer have an arrow on them

[*]Chat based menus will now automatically close when you minimize chat

[*]The Make-x window will now move based on the chatbox size.

[*]The "escape" to skip a cutscene has now been replaced with "tap here to skip"

[*]The back button on the keyboard will now close any prompt on the login screen instead of closing the RuneScape mobile application

[*]Your actions bars setup on mobile will no longer affect your action bars on desktop

[*]The switching of your action bars has been improved

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It’s the last chance to guide the future of RuneScape by taking part in our survey, which closes on October 20th.

At Jagex, we are always looking to our players for help and guidance on the future of RuneScape games, both current and upcoming. We are running a survey to ask players what RuneScape means to you, and hear about other games and activities that you spend your time on.

Participants will be entered into a prize draw to win one of fifty $50 Amazon vouchers (or your stated country’s equivalent currency). On top of this, five lucky people will also receive a huge 60x40 cm (23 ½”x15 ¾”) print map of Gielinor!

To select and contact prize winners, and validate you as a RuneScape player, we will be asking for your in-game display name/character name as it appears in chat. Please note that we can only award prizes to surveys that are completed!

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Have you listened to our RuneScape soundtracks yet? We have partnered up with video game soundtrack specialist Laced Records to release two albums that are available to pre-order both on double deluxe vinyl and CD now – RuneScape: The Orchestral Collection and RuneScape: Original Soundtrack Classics. Both of these albums are also available digitally PLUS buying either physical version also includes a digital copy.

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